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About us


About Us

Unpack Gas & Welding supplies is a company that strives for excellence, customer satisfaction, and a strong relationship with the community. As a locally owned and operated business we try our best to provide a trusted high quality service to all of our loyal customers. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, business owner or industrial company, we service and deliver to all.


Instant, effective and reliable energy!

Our Handigas (LPGas) is a mixture of butane and propane.

It drives processes and products which range from those that consume thousands of tons a week at industrial sites to those in which only a small amount of gas is used in the recreational arena.

The ability to provide effective energy to such a broad range of applications is made possible by the wide range of cylinders and storage vessels in which Afrox Handigas can be supplied.

For industrial, commercial and other large volume sites, storage may include:

  • Bulk storage vessels
  • Dumpy tank storage vessels
  • Gas cylinder manifold systems
For the very wide range of general applications, Handigas is available in the following size cylinders:
  • 48kg cylinders
  • 19kg cylinders
  • 9kg cylinders

For the leisure market our gas & gears and sales centers are able to refill:
  • 6kg Handipacks
  • 4,5kg domestic cylinders
  • 3,2kg domestic cylinders, and
  • 1,2kg domestic cylinders

Please note that AFROX does not sell the following cylinders
  • 4,5kg domestic cylinders
  • 3,2kg domestic cylinders, and
  • 1,2kg domestic cylinders

Handigas delivers excellent levels of service in:

  • Afrox owned Handigas cylinders
  • Afrox Handigas bulk supply options

In addition a full range of Afrox Handigas Hardware options including regulators, burners, hoses, clips and heating torches complete the basket of products available in the Afrox LPGas range of heating energy products.